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We have a favorite saying here, “Welcome to Church of the Cross: it’s not our church its GOD’S church.”  We are a group of believers who wish to follow God’s mission for us individually and as a Christian community.  We do this through our relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord, that relationship being nurtured through prayer, word, worship and service together.
All are welcome to seek God’s grace, mercy, forgiveness and living presence at Church of the Cross.  Come and see how the one true living Christ can renew your life, the life of your family, and heal the wounds we all get from life’s struggles.


Note from Pastor Jim’s Desk

Pastor Jim

The High Cost of Compromise
In the world today, compromise is the name of the game. One thing must be surrendered in order to gain something else that is desired. We also make concessions in many other areas of life. Some compromises are good, when we desire to take a vacation to a far off place but our grandchildren want us to visit them instead, and we do. However, anytime we compromise issues of morality, integrity, obedience to God, or the truth of Scripture, we will pay a high price.
There is a battle going on within each of us. As believers, we are filled with the Holy Spirit, who convicts us of sin, points us toward obedience, and teaches us truth. However, there is also a human part of us that longs for selfish pleasures and values the priorities of this fallen world. As much as we may try, we cannot ride the fence between human desires and the Spirit. James 4:4 says that friendship with the world is hostility toward God. We have to make a choice—and not just one time, but every hour of every day.
Compromising by giving in to our earthly desires leads to internal corruption (Eph. 4:21-24). We may not notice it at first, but stepping beyond the boundary of obedience to God affects our mind and our future choices. Each concession makes the next one easier. Satan first gains a toehold, which eventually becomes a foothold and then a stronghold. The final result is ruin, as God allows us to reap what we’ve sown.
Instead of sitting on the fence, let’s make up our mind ahead of time to follow the Lord with all that we are and reap the benefits of a life fully devoted to Christ.
Pastor Jim