We welcome you to the Church of the Cross web site and encourage you to go from web to Worship with us in either Sunday Morning service (9:30 am) or Noon Encounter  (12:00 pm). Sunday School is at 10:45 am for all ages.

We have a favorite saying here, “Welcome to Church of the Cross: it’s not our church its GOD’S church.”  We are a group of believers who wish to follow God’s mission for us individually and as a Christian community.  We do this through our relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord, that relationship being nurtured through prayer, word, worship and service together.

All are welcome to seek God’s grace, mercy, forgiveness and living presence at Church of the Cross.  Come and see how the one true living Christ can renew your life, the life of your family, and heal the wounds we all get from life’s struggles.

Wednesday Family Night

There is something for every age group; from the youngest to the oldest in age, opportunities for those in the beginning stages of faith journey , as well as those who walk a well-worn path. Come Grow with us!


Pastor Jim

The Pastor’s Note

Missed It

When was the last time you missed an opportunity? Maybe it was a coupon that expired, an invitation that laid on the counter and was opened the day after the event or a phone call you missed from an old friend who was passing through the area and had a little time and wanted to spend it with you. These things happen all the time and we grumble to and move on telling ourselves; “I will be a more diligent the next time.”

As I read the Gospel of Matthew I have become aware of the many missed opportunities by so many different people. Of course the Pharisees and religious leaders are easy to recognize as missing opportunities, they seem to be the go to when we learn about the teachings of Jesus and those who would ignore or even rebuke. But there are others; King Herod and the hypocrites in chapter 6, those in chapter 7 who knew of Jesus but did not know in their hearts the love of Jesus, even the disciples struggled with some of the teachings Jesus gave to them.

It is easy for you and me to ask: “Why such a hard time believing and understanding?” I am not convinced it was lack of believing or even understanding, I see the issue to be change and the need for it. For so long the people had lived their lives believing the way to God/heaven was by following the rules and now a man comes claiming to be the Son of God, the one promised through the Prophets, and he is teaching it is not adherence to the rules but the love for one another. This goes so strongly against that has been taught for so long, the resistance is great to the change Jesus it calling for. Missed opportunities.

We still today miss some opportunities presented before us when we become so entrenched in the perceived rules that we do not hear the call of the Holy Spirit to act in the love God calls us to. What we have going for us is in fact the Holy Spirit working in others who can come along aside and help us to see the we may have missed, we only need listen with hearts open to Jesus.

I pray our hearts will be softened and open to the love not only given to us, but also the love that flows from us through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. May we be open to the opportunities placed before us.


Pastor Jim