We welcome you to the Church of the Cross web site and encourage you to go from web to Worship with us in either Sunday Morning service (9:30 am) or Contemporary Worship (12:00 pm). Sunday School is at 10:45 am for all ages.

We have a favorite saying here, “Welcome to Church of the Cross: it’s not our church its GOD’S church.”  We are a group of believers who wish to follow God’s mission for us individually and as a Christian community.  We do this through our relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord, that relationship being nurtured through prayer, word, worship and service together.

All are welcome to seek God’s grace, mercy, forgiveness and living presence at Church of the Cross.  Come and see how the one true living Christ can renew your life, the life of your family, and heal the wounds we all get from life’s struggles.


Note from Pastor Jim’s Desk

Pastor Jim

Did you know, since October 1st, there have been six students meeting almost every Sunday during the Sunday School hour to venture deeper into their personal faith in Jesus and to better understand the function and structure of the church we know as United Methodist. These students have worked hard to learn a lot of information in a short amount of time. While some of the information will be moved to the backs of their minds and may not seem important now, one day it will serve them and others in their journey through life.

This past weekend several of these disciples attended a weekend retreat designed specifically for those on their confirmation journey. They were greeted with mud and rain as we entered the gates of camp Wanake, but soon found the staff and instructors eager to share with them the knowledge they have as disciples themselves.

The weekend was filled with fun, laughter and even some tears, but most of all; it was overflowing with the Holy Spirit and the love of Christ. The theme of the weekend was the three spiritual disciplines, ask them what they are and I am pretty sure they will be able to tell you (at least I hope so). We talked of some things we had already shared in our weekly classes as well as things new and even unexpected. There was a lot of unintentional learning going on and it was great.

As we return to our last few classes together here in East Springfield, I ask all of you to keep the confirmands in your prayer as they will soon face a decision that will change their live forever:     ‘Do you wish to become a member of the East Springfield United Methodist Church?’

One of the definitions of confirmation is: “a ceremony in which someone becomes a full, adult member of a religion.” These young adults have worked hard and I ask that you would join us on Easter Sunday as we welcome the youngest and newest members into the family of the East Springfield United Methodist Church, as they profess their faith in Jesus Christ.


Pastor Jim